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The Hero's Journal - Become the Hero of YOUR Story

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Give Your Goal a Quest

The Hero's Journal is a 91-Day Planner/Journal Adventure that helps you, in a fun and creative way, to turn your ordinary goals into epic quests.  The theme is the Istoria Magic Academy Storyline and comes in a cloth-covered journal in Cauldron Grey with a decorative gift box.

Call to Adventure

The Hero's Journal is designed to mystify the mundane because life should be about more than "just getting through it". Some journaling approaches are rigid and non-creative, but the Hero's Journal is designed so that it focuses on whimsy, storytelling, and positivity.

Who Should Use the Hero's Journal

The Hero's Journal is designed to be useful for anyone who has a goal. This means that it can be used by heroes of all ages!

FOR KIDS:  The Hero's Journal is 91 Daily pages long, so it is perfect for half of a school year.  If you're an academic Hero who is trying to organize your schoolwork while maintaining your imagination, The Hero's Journal is perfect for you! Lots of young Heroes greatly benefit from questing alongside a parent or more experienced Hero.

For Adults: The Hero's Journal is much more open-ended. You can use the journal to help you navigate a career change, in going back to school, even in starting a new health quest, or whatever quest is calling your name.  The Hero's Journal is flexible to whatever you need it to be! 

The Storyline

The Istoria Magic Academy is a story that takes place at the wizard school.  The main character is invited to study at the Istoria Magic Academy but during their studies, an ancient force starts to run amok and the main character with the help of their classmates must save the school.  Key story points: learning from failure, trusting your allies, and finding creative solutions.

What you get

Each candle contains 10 ounces of hand-poured 100% soy wax with untreated cedar wood wick. Hand-poured in Spokane, WA. Made in USA.

SPECIAL: Each candle comes with its own corked apothecary vial of rainbow assorted matches with heart-shaped striker on bottom.


Hand poured, triple-scented, soy wax candles free of dyes and stearic acid. All scents are a fragrance and essential oil blend and always pthtalate-free. Wooden wicks. Comes with Wood Wick Burn Instructions.



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