Ready to Strike

A successful vegan foodie can take on many personalities.  Whether it’s for health, animals, climate change and/or world hunger, you are eating a vegan diet.  Depending on the focus, food options can be very different.  Some of us can get away with eating vegan ice cream, Oreo’s, and french fries, but for those of us trying to reverse or prevent disease we follow more of a whole food approach.  No matter the journey,  there’s no judging.  Join the GreenSpark Mafia for a delicious vegan adventure!


ReBoot for Health

Good health starts with your gut.  Intense cravings and lack of energy can be from an imbalance of bad bacteria and fungus in our gut sending messages to our brain to consume processed, sugary foods which help the bad bacteria to thrive and cause us to crash. The great news is that we can over-ride our brain by consuming gut healing foods in order to ReBoot our health! A whole food, plant based diet can prevent, reverse and arrest many of the top western diseases, including our number one killer… heart disease.

Start by consuming whole, plant-based foods and crowding out all processed foods. With every single bite, you may eventually ReBoot your system.  At first, don’t trust your cravings.  However, take notice of how foods make you feel after eating them. Consume foods that don’t spike blood sugars which make you tired and hungry soon after. Think about how everything is digesting through your system. Does it irritate your stomach in any way with bloating, constipation or diarrhea?  Or do you feel energetic, light and alive?  Eventually, your body will adjust and these new foods will taste amazing!  You may start craving new types of food such as kale, instead of white bread, for example.  You are creating a new gut micro-biome and overriding the craving signals the bad bacteria are sending to your brain.  You are ReBooting, healing and taking control of your body!


No Animals Harmed

You are a noble human being for going vegan just for the animals and/or the environment. You can enjoy some pretty amazing food!! Sky is the limit!  Check out the recipes and handy food replacements available.  The food I missed the most after becoming vegan was meringue cookies and guess what, vegan meringue cookies taste the same!  I can show you how too.


The Planet

Animal Agriculture is one of the largest contributors to climate change.  Eating less meat is not about saving the planet, but preserving what humans need for survival.  Think about the resources required to raise, feed and process billions of livestock annually.  Ag business needs feed, land, water, pesticides, medication (antibiotics) and somewhere to dump the animal waste.  How do these things affect our environment and health?

The animal waste and pesticides run off into our local water and into the ocean creating dead zones and polluting the water.  The overuse of pesticides and antibiotics are making us sick.  Think about how cows are being fed GMO corn that is not in their natural diet.  The cow becomes sick, so it is treated with antibiotics, you are now eating a sick animal.  Not to mention the tumors that are washed out of the meat as it is packaged for sale.  We all know about methane gas produced by cows.  Believe it or not, the horrific treatment of animals in factory farms is actually better on our environment than grazed cattle.

The best way to understand the impact animal agriculture has on our planet is by watching COWSPIRACY.  It’s a beautiful documentary available online and thru Netflix. Seriously check it out.  You can make such an impact on preserving and healing our planet by going vegan. Not only that but world hunger too!