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A community that sparks change for a better planet.  We are the GreenSpark MAFIA!  

Adopting more of a Plan(e)t Based lifestyle is a win all the way around. At My-FARMacy, we recognize that our diet is one of the biggest factors for good health and well being.  Not only that, but when we are conscious of the food we source, we have a massive impact on the environment, world hunger and the animals alike.  If you are looking for the tools to create a genuine and lasting shift for a brighter future and better quality of life for all, you are in the right place.  Because at My-FARMacy, we are all about a WIN, WIN, WIN! 

Restaurant in development.  In the meantime, take our cooking classes through GreenSpark Mafia. 

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Get More ENERGY with our GreenSpark Mafia Cooking School!

When we have intense cravings and lack energy, it’s likely caused by an imbalance in our gut.  This can prompt our brain to crave processed, sugary and fatty foods which help bad bacteria to thrive and cause us to crash. The great news is that we can over-ride our ‘second brain’ by consuming food that can ReBoot our health and heal our GUT!

Look back 90 Days from now and see RESULTS!

If we keep doing the same thing, how can we possibly expect a better body, better health, or piece of mind for a better planet? GreenSpark Mafia teaches long term success.  The old adage of ‘Teach them how to Fish’ runs strong in our program.  The only way we want you coming back is to level up, not start over again!

Look back 3 years from now and still see or continue to see RESULTS!

This is not a diet, this is a way of life.  Because you are not just doing this for you, but for a deeper more meaningful reason, you are more likely to stick to it.  Not only that, but there is room for growth.  This means that it’s not all or nothing.  It’s all about what works best for YOU.

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