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Vegan for a week (5)Win, Win, Win

Adopting more of a Plan(e)t Based lifestyle is a win all the way around. In EnvironEat, we take a look at where our food is coming from and see how it affects our health, the environment and the animals.  We become armed with the knowledge and power to create a genuine and lasting shift for a brighter future and better quality of life.

ReBoot for ENERGY!

When we have intense cravings and lack of energy, it’s likely caused by an imbalance of in our gut.  This can prompt our brain to crave processed, sugary and fatty foods which help bad bacteria to thrive and cause us to crash. The great news is that we can over-ride our ‘second brain’ by consuming food that can ReBoot our health!

If you are interested in a more healthful body and planet, this is a great start…

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