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Vegan for a week (7)Win, Win, Win

Adopting more of a Plan(e)t Based lifestyle is a win all the way around. We take a look at where our food is coming from and see how it affects our health and the environment.  GreenSpark Mafia arms us with the knowledge and power to create a genuine and lasting shift for a better world and better health.

ReBoot for Health

When we have intense cravings and lack of energy, it’s likely caused by an imbalance of bacteria and fungus residing in our gut.  This imbalance can prompt our brain to crave processed, sugary and fatty foods which help the bad bacteria to thrive and cause us to crash. The great news is that we can over-ride this second brain (our gut) by consuming gut healing foods in order to ReBoot our health! A predominantly whole food, plant based diet will do just that, in fact it has been proven to prevent, reverse and arrest many of the top western diseases, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, IBD, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, some cancers, Alzheimer’s, and more.

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Coming Soon: EnvironEat Wellness Project

INCLUDED: Comprehensive strategy, with the combination of a book and web series that  provides meal plans, recipes, cooking videos, live chats, accountability and support.  Available for groups and individuals.


  • Feel more alert and full of energy. Get rid of the brain fog!
  • Crave the food that keeps you young.  
  • This is not a weight loss program, but people that need to loose weight typically do.
  • A stronger immune system.
  • You might even feel like a SUPER HERO!


Commonly Asked Questions:

  1. Who Should Sign Up for the EnvironEat Wellness Project? The beauty of this wellness project is that it can be implemented in a company, school, nonprofit organization, a family or for an individual.  (Group discounts available.)
  2. Is there someone overseeing the groups sessions? A ‘Crew Leader’ will facilitate all meet ups.  In exchange, we will pay tribute with a discount.
  3. How much is the group discount? This depends on group size.
  4. Is there a corporate rate? Yes, this would be similar to a group discount.
  5. How can we schedule a presentation? Fill out the contact form.